Online Hybrid Distance Learning

The Online and Hybrid Distance Learning Committee (OHLC) shall be integrated and function as an integral part of the university curriculum review process. The approval of courses for Online and Hybrid modality shall be delineated by the University Curriculum Committee in consultation with college curriculum committees, the General Education Committee (if appropriate), and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. 

Charge of the Council:
  • Operationalizing the recommendations of the Task Force, as seen in the Report of March 20, 2019.
  • Recommending policies to the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) related to best practices in the field, as well as resolving possible conflicts or overlap with preexisting CSU and CSUDH policies.
  • Working with college curricular committees and the UCC on matters related to curricular development as it relates to online and hybrid courses.
  • Overseeing issues related to the offering of online and hybrid courses, faculty workload, course requirements, training, and any and all such potential conflicts or redundancies that may arise in the course of its efforts.

Membership 2022-2023: 

  • Hal Weary, Co-Chair
  • Reza Boroon, Co-Chair 
  • Anne Choi, FDC/FLC
  • Wei Ma, Library
  • Elwin Tilson, CHHSN
  • Ana De La Serna, CAH
  • Sohaila Shakib, CNBS
  • Kitty Fortner, COE
  • Arek Arakelian, CBAPP