University Advising

University advisors create a community of professionals who strive to utilize evidence based best practices, and to create a student and learning centered problem-solving model to be implemented to create campus wide efficiencies regarding policies and procedures. Ultimately the goal is to determine ways to retain our valued students and support them on their journey to earning their degree and becoming life-long learners who navigate complexity, diversity and change.

University Advising

University Advisement

Welcome back faculty and staff advisors. For many of our valued students, you will be their first point of contact on this campus, providing their first real and lasting impression of university life and the start, for many, of their successful progress to degree. Often you may be the only educator to provide students with critical support, knowledge, and guidance in their major area of choice. As a campus we are dedicated to improving our graduation rates, and academic advising—with the help of your expertise—is one of the support vehicles used to drive student retention and graduation. You will make a difference in their lives, and they will know it!

You are the expert in your major area of study, and your dedication and commitment to student success is evident by your curriculum creation, desire to remain current in your field, and your willingness to share your valuable time connecting our students to campus, service learning, research, graduate school opportunities and ensuring they become lifelong learners. Your role as a Faculty Advisor enhances the university experience and enables students to make meaningful connections between their current academic experiences and their future life goals and plans.

As you continue to support our valued incoming freshmen, transfers, and currently matriculated students I encourage you to utilize the support resources provided by your College, Graduation and Retention Specialists.

College Specialist: The University Advisement Center College Specialist provides academic advisement and information on University policies, procedures, and graduation requirements to the undergraduate population at CSUDH. College Specialists work with college-specific cohorts of students and serve as liaisons between the academic colleges and the University Advisement Center, thereby ensuring that students receive holistic advising regarding their General Education and major degree requirements. College Specialists are also responsible for developing and facilitating interactive workshops and advising interventions designed to engage students with their Student Advising Learning Outcomes or SALO’s and promote persistence and academic success.

Graduation Specialist: The University Advisement Center Graduation Specialist spearheads efforts to meet the goals laid about CSU Graduation Initiative 2025 here at CSUDH. The Graduation Specialist leads the Graduation Innovation Team (GIT) in efforts to identify barriers to graduation and create solutions to support students in earning their degree. The Graduation Specialist also serves as an academic advisor with their primary mission being to educate students in navigating their academic plan while exploring their career and educational goals.

Retention Specialist: In support of the Director of the University Advisement Center and the college Associate Dean, Retention Specialists are responsible for the collaboration and implementation of a strategic retention program to facilitate graduation. Retention Specialist also provide academic advisement and information on University policies, procedures, and graduation requirements to the lower division, undergraduate, college specific student population by utilizing an advanced, developmental, problem solving approach to support students in retention, closing the achievement gap, and degree completion.