FUSE Freshman student exploring science


The mission of the Center for Innovation in STEM Education (CISE) is to bring Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to the forefront of K-16 education through leadership and service. CISE is a regional center focused on enabling transformative and inspiring STEM learning experiences. Our partnerships with schools, districts, community colleges, local and national organizations, philanthropic and industry leaders serve to broaden our impact across institutions and our local and global community.

Fuse Freshman student exploring laser light diffraction


  1. Serve as a model and regional resource center for K-12 STEM teachers, schools, and districts.
  2. Increase the interest of K-16 students in STEM careers.
  3. Increase the number of students in STEM majors.
  4. Increase diversity in STEM majors.
  5. Increase the success rate of students entering and completing STEM educational programs.
  6. Develop the next generation of highly-qualified and passionate STEM teachers who will be the leaders in STEM teaching practices.
  7. Increase the number of credentialed teachers in the STEM disciplines.
  8. Inspire STEM teachers and assist them in improving their pedagogical practices.
  9. Serve as model of aspiration in STEM teaching for other CSU campuses.
Math Teachers using iPads to teach

Short Term Objectives

  1. Assemble the CISE team: advisory council, content/pedagogy experts, evaluator/researcher, resource manager, developer, support staff.
  2. Hold the STEM in Education Conference to include first annual CISE Symposium and Women in STEM Conference by fall 2015.
  3. Form a task force charged with reporting on the representation of African-American males in STEM fields, STEM majors, K-12 teaching force, and propose ways to increase representation of African-American males in such fields.
  4. Organize innovative and exciting STEM activities for K-12 students on CSUDH campus.
  5. Establish partnerships with UC Berkeley Lawrence Hall of Science and University of Texas at Austin.
Freshmen Students Attend Fuse

Long Term Objectives

  1. Establish CISE as a center that promotes the development of new knowledge and research with an emphasis on serving communities that are underrepresented in STEM disciplines and similar to the NSF’s Centers of Research Excellence in Science and Technology.
  2. Establish mobile and stationary FabLabs at CSUDH.