PROGRAM CHAIR, Dr. Pamela C. Krochalk 

Dear Health Sciences Students,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to a new semester.  Whether you are a new or continuing student, the faculty and I look forward to making your personal and academic experiences at CSUDH as meaningful and fulfilling as possible. 

Although we continue to be in challenging times, this is an opportunity for us to come together once again and support each other as we strive to fulfill your dreams and to make a difference in your lives.   The faculty and I are committed to working with you as teachers, mentors and advocates for your success at CSUDH and future careers.  I invite each of you to give us an opportunity to know you by interacting with your instructors both in and outside of class.  Please do not be hesitant about stopping by to visit your instructors during office hours or contacting them when you need their assistance.  We all know that “life happens” and we want you to know that we are here to help you through the difficult times as well as cheer you on with your successes.

There are numerous opportunities beyond the classroom in which you can become involved in campus life and expand your learning and social networking experiences.  Now is the time to begin your life-long engagement with Health Sciences and CSUDH.  I invite you to participate in a variety of activities that we sponsor, including but not limited to the Public Health Toros Association, Senior Living Management Club, Alumni Speaker Series, Global Health Speaker Series, Study Abroad Program in Thailand, and Alph Eta National Honor Society.  You are also invited to attend our beginning of the semester “Meet and Greet” where you can socialize with fellow classmates and hear about the successes of former graduates.  And in the spring semester you won’t want to miss our Job Expo where you can meet potential employers in your field of study.  These are just some of the ways you in which your education can come alive.  And there is much more!             

I look forward to meeting each of you personally, so please stop by the Health Sciences Office at Welch Hall 330 to say hello when the campus is fully open.

Wishing you the very best,

Pamela C. Krochalk, DrPH

Professor and Chair

Division of Health Sciences 



Health Science Department

Diana Osejo
Administrative Support Coordinator

Office Location: WH A-330
Phone: 310-243-3748

The Chair and Faculty Advisors can provide assistance with information regarding career choices, graduate school, selecting electives, and personal issues that may serve as barriers to timely and successful completion of the program.  Faculty advisors are only available during the academic year and are not available during the winter/summer breaks. 

The Department Chair is available during the academic year and during the summer/winter breaks on a modified schedule.  Please see the Major Advisor to submit approval to the Chair for course or elective substitutions.