Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, Pictures, and Video Clips

NOTEOur one- and two-bedroom apartments are not open for Fall 2021. Two-bedroom apartments will be open as of Spring 2022.

SPRING 2022 UPDATE - 10/21/2021: Double and triple occupancy rooms in the Residence Hall, and double occupancy rooms in two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments will be offered for Spring 2022. A maximum of three (3) occupants will be assigned to all triple and quad residence hall rooms this spring. Quadruple occupancy residence hall rooms with four (4) occupants will not be offered. All two-bedroom apartments will have up to four (4) occupants each, and all three-bedroom apartments will have up to six (6) occupants each (two per bedroom). Single occupancy rooms will only be available to students with special accommodation needs who are referred to Housing by the Student disAbility Resource Center (SdRC)

Floor Plans:

Virtual Tours:


(These photos are samples of some available layouts, furnishings, and finishes; they are NOT a reflection of all available options.)

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