Payroll Services

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The mission of Payroll Services is to provide timely and accurate compensation payments for all employees, provide prompt and reliable information/service to our customers in a personal and professional manner, staying current on regulations, policies and procedures that govern compensation and promptly addressing the changes on campus.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Open During Lunch

Welch Hall, 2nd Floor, Suite 205

Mainline: (310) 243-3769
Fax: (310) 928-7165

Payroll Services Team

Agke Grow
Director, Employee Relations, Payroll Services & Benefits
(310) 243-3771

Wanda Maxwell
Payroll Services Manager
(310) 243-3291

Chris Muller
Payroll Services & Benefits Manager
(310) 243-3005

Karen Kato
Payroll Tech
(310) 243-2442

Lisa Kim
Payroll Tech
(310) 243-3884

Vanessa Banks
Payroll Tech
(310) 243-3902

Guillermo Blanco
Payroll Tech
(310) 243-3292

Rebecca Ellis
Payroll & Benefits Support Assistant
(310) 243-3769