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 Art, Culture and Language

Join OLLI on these creative and eye-opening journeys: build your language skills and discover the  culture behind the language; explore the latest museum exhibits; deep dive into musical and literary history... And so much more!

Learn to Speak French: Beginners

September 20—December 13

Mondays | 3pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollifrenchbeginners-fall21

Meeting ID: 835 2967 6900 • Password: french

Instructor: Delyna Diop-Means, OLLI Member

Learn French for the first time or brush up on partially learned French vocabulary and basic structures using verbal and written cues. Once a skill level is reached, Duolingo (the language app for this course) provides additional levels and practice. Duolingo allows learners to discover patterns on their own without needing to focus on language rules the same way you learned your first language as a child. This approach, called “implicit learning,” is ideal for developing a strong foundational knowledge of a language and its rules. The instructor will also provide monitoring resources, guidance, and helpful tips tailored to each student’s comfort level and needs.

French: Advanced Beginners

September 22—December 15

Wednesdays | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollifrenchintermediate-fall21

Meeting ID: 820 3282 6259 • Password: french

Speaker: Delyna Diop-Means, OLLI Member

Expand and deepen your knowledge of French using verbal and written cues. We will use the Duolingo language app which reviews and offers various levels and practice for advanced beginners. Duolingo allows learners to discover patterns on their own without needing to focus on language rules the same way you learned your first language as a child. This approach, called “implicit learning” is ideal for developing a strong foundational knowledge of a language and its rules. The instructor will also provide monitoring resources, guidance, and helpful tips tailored to each student’s comfort level and needs.

LA Opera Talks (Fall 2021 Season)

September 27, October 25, November 22

Mondays | 10:30 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-operafall21

Meeting ID: 827 0496 8182

Speaker: Jennie Olivia, Community Engagement Associate

  • September 27 | Trovatore
  • October 25 | Tannhauser
  • November 22 | Cenerentola

In today’s environment, music, and specifically operatic music, can be uplifting. In our time period, LA Opera presents a series of Operatic music, performances, behind the scenes, actors, costume, make-up and the history of opera. Each lecture class will compose its own topic and speaker who presents lecture and videos of previous performances.

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA) Virtual Docent Tour

September 24

Friday | 12 noon PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-molaajudybaca-fall21

Meeting ID: 826 4713 8159

Judy Baca: Memorias de Nuestra Tierra, a Retrospective is the first comprehensive retrospective of the work of the internationally renowned Chicana muralist, public intellectual and community activist, Judy Baca. Baca is a painter and muralist, community arts pioneer, and scholarly-educator who has been teaching in the UC system for more than 30 years. As founder of the first City of Los Angeles Mural Program in 1974 – which evolved into the non-profit Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) – Baca has been engaged in the creation of sites of public memory within historically disenfranchised communities since 1976. She continues to serve as SPARC’s artistic director while employing digital technology to co-create collaborative murals at the UCLA/SPARC Cesar Chavez Digital Mural Lab.

During the past decade, art as a vehicle for protest and social justice has gained incredible momentum and salience; it is now part of any comprehensive discussion about contemporary arts in the U.S. However, in mid-1970s Los Angeles, the art of “contestation” and place-making was already finding voice in Judy Baca’s work. During this tumultuous decade, Baca pioneered a collaborative model that enabled young people to weave “hidden” histories of their underrepresented communities into monumental public artworks. These murals celebrated their people’s contributions and articulated their stories and struggles. For the disenfranchised people living in the greater Los Angeles basin, in California, and in the larger U.S., Baca’s works became epic narratives, connecting youth with their diverse heritage and creating new “sites of public memory.”

Let’s Read a Play!

September 1 & 8, October 6 & 13, November 3 & 10, and December 1 & 8

Wednesdays | 1:30pm–3:30pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-playfall21

Meeting ID  930 5429 8565

No stage or acting experience required. Join our “virtual” class and have some fun and the chance to “polish” your dramatic skills. We are adapting our classroom format to the ZOOM format and should have a lot of fun. We hope you will enjoy the same interactive approach as the classroom experience of cold readings. Expect lively discussion regarding meaning and content.

List of Plays for Fall 2021

September 1 & 8The Prisoner of Second Ave by Neil Simon
October 6 & 13The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
November 3 & 10The Piano Lesson by August Wilson
December 1 & 8The Talented Mr. Ripley by Patricia Highsmith and Phyllis Nagy
❌CANCELLED: Classic Jazz 109: Jazz Is Not Dead

This course has been cancelled... Sorry for the inconvenience!

October 7, 14, 21, November 4, 11, 18

6 Thursdays | 10 am-12:30 pm PT

OPTION 1: IN-PERSON CLASS: Extended Education Classroom Building - EE-1213 (Auditorium)

Please call (310) 243-3741 (Option 1) to register. Number of registrants are limited!

⚠ All OLLI Students must complete the COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening Tool before visiting CSUDH.

⚠ All OLLI students, regardless of attendance method, must self-certify their vaccination status by September 30, 2021. Visit the vaccine page for more details.

OPTION 2: Online Via Zoom

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-classicjazz-fall21

Meeting ID: 818 0470 1814

Instructor: Chet Hanley, Retired educator for the LAUSD and former DHTV lecturer at CSUDH.

This six-session series is a continuation of Classic Jazz 101 through 108 when we examined the world of jazz through the eyes and ears of an avid listener and enthusiast. Featured will be audio and video selections, discussions of the music (the content will take a thematic approach), the performers, and the literature. This course is geared to the casual listener as well as the confirmed jazz aficionado.

October 7 | Armstrong’s Disciples
October 14 | Composers Guide: The Performers
October 21 | Philly & Steel Town Giants
October 28 | Jazz & Strings: A Re-Examination
November 4 | The Vocalists: Storytellers
November 11 | —Veterans Day (campus closed; no classes)—
November 18 | Voice Your Choice (You select the Artist(s) to be profiled!)

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 Business, Finance and Technology

Get the latest information on managing personal finances and building wealth and savings in retirement, all designed with the OLLI senior in mind!

Finances for Women: Time Matters

September 7—October 26

Tuesdays | 11 am –12:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollifinance4women-fall21

Meeting ID: 846 0593 7901

Speaker: David Bassett-Parkins, Financial Advisor

This class is specifically tailored for women who are getting ready for or have recently transitioned to retirement. This course serves to bring clarity to female investors by creating tailored plans to be applied later and to achieve peace of mind. During this special program, we’ll discuss retirement income strategies, including perspectives around Social Security and making your retirement savings last and will address how to prepare for the unexpected, including market risks and the impact of rising costs.

Through his 30-year career, David has ventured through brokerage and tech firms as an executive, then to private equity & growth companies before becoming a financial advisor with Edward Jones. Whether working within a corporation or with his individual clients, David aims to share and give back by understanding the dreams and financial goals of those he serves. However, his favorite role is being a husband of 36 years to his high school sweetheart, being a father to his two children and grandfather to the three grandkids. For 5 generations David’s family has called Long Beach home.

How to Boost Your Retirement Savings in Your 50s and 60s

Dr. Davis Presents: Financial Literacy Workshops for Older Adults
How to Boost Your Retirement Savings in Your 50s and 60s

September 22

Wednesday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-davisworkshops-fall21

Meeting ID: 832 4622 1283

Speaker: Dr. Denise Ridley-Davis, Independent Insurance Agent
CA insurance License #0F14312

Most Americans are behind on their retirement savings, but did you know you can boost your retirement savings? Keep in mind that life is unpredictable—medical care, unforeseen expenses, economic components—can result in intense changes to seniors during their retirement years. Learn about the strategies to protect your retirement savings, and catch up on the latest tips on how to increase your retirement savings.

Tax Strategies for Seniors Over Age 65

Dr. Davis Presents: Financial Literacy Workshops for Older Adults
Tax Strategies for Seniors Over Age 65

October 20

Wednesday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-davisworkshops-fall21

Meeting ID: 832 4622 1283

Speaker: Dr. Denise Ridley-Davis, Independent Insurance Agent
CA insurance License #0F14312

The tax strategies presented are aimed at lowering your tax burden during retirement. Some strategies may be applicable to younger individuals and couples. Learn how you can be strategic about Social Security, reassess your investments, reduce taxable retirement income and other essential things to consider for older adults.

How Your Donations at OLLI@CSUDH Benefit You

Dr. Davis Presents: Financial Literacy Workshops for Older Adults
How Your Donations at OLLI@CSUDH Benefit You

November 17

Wednesday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-davisworkshops-fall21

Meeting ID: 832 4622 1283

Speaker: Dr. Denise Ridley-Davis, Independent Insurance Agent
CA insurance License #0F14312

Did you know? Your Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a financially self-supporting program that does not receive any state funding. Your gift to OLLI@CSUDH will help ensure the long-term sustainability of the enriching educational and social programming that touches the lives of so many seniors in the South Bay communities. Your gift ensures that OLLI has the capacity to expand and adjust to changing needs, the resources to be innovative and entrepreneurial whatever the economic climate, and more importantly, our continuation of lifelong learning. Join this workshop to learn the easy, fast methods to make your gift to OLLI@CSUDH and how you can benefit from your donation.

Personal Strategic Financial Management

November 29

Monday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-personalstrategicfinancial-fall21

Meeting ID: 849 2104 1093

Speaker: Dr. Boubacar Touré, OLLI Curriculum Committee Co-Chair

This course focuses on the development and management of a personal strategic financial plan and the critical analysis of the potential and associated cost of financial decisions. This course also emphasizes the importance of both short- and long-term financial goals.

Dr. Touré is an Adjunct Finance Professor at the Accounting, Finance and Economics Department of the Bowie State University in Maryland. He holds a Master of Business Administration (Finance) degree from Norwich University and a Doctor of Business Administration degree from Wilmington University. He earned an Executive Certificate in Public Leadership from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He has studied and received credentials from the University of Notre Dame, Cornell University, Stanford University, Villanova University, Rutgers University, the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Headquarter, the University of Virginia Darden school of Business, and Georgetown University. He also completed a leadership development program at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, and an Emerging Leaders Program from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

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 Discussion Groups

We are pleased to embark on another year of active learning and discussions of current topics.

Thursday Morning Book Club

September 30, October 28, November 18, December 16, January 27

Thursdays | 10 am

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-book-fall21

Meeting ID: 935 8431 7096

Meeting Facilitators: OLLI Book Club members

We’ll read and discuss these books selected by the club members. Some questions to consider might be: How well has the author made their point? What surprised you about a character of the ending? How does the story relate to today’s ideas and lifestyles?

  • September 30 | The Forest of the Vanishing Stars by Kristin Harmel
  • October 28 | Sooley by John Grisham
  • November 18 | The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett
  • December 16 | Deadly Cross by James Patterson
  • January 27 | The Other Black Girl by Zakiya Dalila Harris
Friday Afternoon Movie Series!

October 1, November 5, December 3

Fridays | 1 pm-3:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollimovies-fall21

Meeting ID: 872 5427 7450

Facilitator: Kim Pavageau, OLLI Curriculum Committee Member

Grab your lunch or snack! Join us and see outstanding and sometimes thought-provoking films. Each movie will be shown in its entirety, with comments by its presenter, followed by a group discussion.

  • October 1 | The Invisible Man (R) 2020. Thriller 2hr 4min.
    When Cecilia’s abusive ex takes his own life and leaves her his fortune, she suspects his death was a hoax. As a series of coincidences turn lethal, Cecilia works to prove that she is being hunted by someone nobody can see.

  • November 5 | Respect (PG-13) 2021. Biography 2hr 25 min.
    The life story of legendary R&B singer, Aretha Franklin.

  • December 3 | The Preacher’s Wife (PG) 1996. Comedy 2hr 3 min.
    An angel comes to Earth to help a preacher save his church and his family.
Jihadism 4.0: How Jihadists Hijacked Islam & Lived to Tell About It

Jihadism 4.0: How Jihadists Hijacked Islam and Lived to Tell About It
Lessons from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa

September 20

Monday | 11:30 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollijihadism-fall21

Meeting ID: 841 2411 8817

Speaker: Dr. Hamoud Salhi, Associate Dean International Education & Senior International Officer

Jihadists in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Northern Africa don’t define Islam, but they have come to be seen as true representative of at least one of form of Islam. Since the 1950s, the Jihadists have gone through several transformations, all of which veer away from Islam. From supporting dictatorships in the Muslim world, claiming that corrupt leaders are better than no leaders (Egypt), to proclaiming Jihad as a sixth pillar of Islam (Afghanistan), to fighting for a state rather than the Umma or Muslim community (Syria and Iraq), Jihadists have projected a form of Islam that is slowly gaining ground on the real Islam.

If Islam is not defined by Jihadists, why then are non-Jihadists—for a lack of a better word—unable to dictate their own narrative? Why is the Jihadists’ narrative more pronounced in the world today than that of Islam?

Aging Gracefully and Gratefully

October 21, 28 and November 4

Thursdays | 1:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-aginggrace-fall21

Meeting ID: 836 3650 5956

Speaker: Frankie Stewart, M.A., an 8-year OLLI Member and CSUDH Alumna

Aging is inevitable. As we study and examine what the experts have to say about aging, we learn from each other by sharing our individual experiences. Attitudes, decisions, choices and acceptance are guidelines that assist us on this road called “aging.” Class participants are encouraged to suggest additional aging issues that are affecting them. We will discuss and explore various concepts, share techniques and consider how to age “gracefully and gratefully.”

Session 1:
October 21 | Mental, Physical, Emotional Health
• Losses – Senses (See, Hear, Taste, Feel, Smell)
• Loved Ones – Bereavement
• Dementia (Alzheimer’s, Pre-senility, etc.)
• Elder Abuse (Hotline: 877-477-3646)

Session 2:
October 28 | Diet (Weight Gain/Loss)
• Exercise
• Sleep Habits
• Relationships
• Living Arrangements

Session 3:
November 4 | Trusts/Wills
• Finances (Will you outlive your money?)
• Fraud
• Legacy: What will we pass on?

TED Talks with Denise Jefferson

September 13 & 27, October 11 & 25, November 8 & 22 and December 6

Mondays | 12 noon PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-tedtalks-fall21

Meeting ID: 966 6881 1928

Speaker: Denise Jefferson, OLLI Member

You are invited to join us to watch selected TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Talks short videos (usually 18 minutes or less); then as a group, we share and have a fun conversation about the topic.

Speakers in the videos work passionately to spread accurate easy-to-understand information and well-formed ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways they can, often through storytelling.

  • September 13 |
    Choices That Can Change Your Life | Caroline Myss
  • September 27 |
    The Emotions Behind Your Money Habits | Robert A. Belle
  • October 11 |
    Intermittent Fasting: Transformational Technique | Cynthia Thurlow
  • October 25 |
    How to Deal with Difficult Feelings–How to Support Yourself (and Others) through Grief | Nina Westbrook
  • November 8 |
    Is Therapy Facing a Revolution? Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping | Peta Stapleton
  • November 22 |
    How to Be a Professional Troublemaker | Luvvie Ajayi Jones
  • December 6 |
    How to Disagree Productively and Find Common Ground | Julia Dhar

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 Health and Wellness

OLLI is pleased to offer such great health and wellness activities as T’ai Chi Chuan, Internal Energy, and Online Virtual Social Tennis for Seniors as learning experiences that optimize brain fitness and promote physical fitness through exercise and coordination. Enjoy!

Internal Energy: Tai Chi, Chi and Qigong

September 26

Sunday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliinternalenergy-fall21

Meeting ID: 893 0342 9275

Speaker: Jerry Larson

Qigong (Chi Kung) and taijiquan (Tai Chi) are two different, although related, Chinese arts of meditation and physical exercise for the promotion of health, body awareness, and body mind integration.

This audiovisual presentation will discuss the history and philosophy of these arts, and the nature of internal strength or qi.

Tai Chi Chuan for Beginning & Intermediate Students [On-Campus]

October 12—November 23

Tuesdays | 2 pm—3:30 pm PT

IN-PERSON CLASS: Extended Education Classroom Building EE-1222

Please call (310) 243-3741 (Option 1) to register. Number of registrants are limited!

⚠ All OLLI Students must complete the COVID-19 Daily Self-Screening Tool before visiting CSUDH.

⚠ All OLLI students, regardless of attendance method, must self-certify their vaccination status by September 30, 2021. Visit the vaccine page for more details.

Instructors: Linda Kahn & Jerry Larson

Tai Chi (太極拳, T'ai chi ch'üan, Tàijí quán, Tiji) is a centuries old Chinese martial art based on the Taoist philosophy of Yin and Yang.  In this class we will explore the slow, continuous movements of Yang style Tai Chi, which is accessible to everyone regardless of age or physical ability.

Practice of this slow form is comprised of a series of postures which flow together in a holistic and unified manner yielding both a moving meditation and a method of physical exercise.

Join us in exploring this ancient art, which is still practiced worldwide today, known to bring about strength and energy, optimum health and body awareness, improved balance and coordination, relaxation and stress reduction, and community and lasting friendships.

Please wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes.

Linda is a UCLA graduate and began studying Yang style Tai Chi in 1979 following back surgery. She quickly knew Tai Chi was “for her.” Linda has been an OLLI member 7+ years and has been teaching the OLLI Tai Chi class since 2018; most recently with Jerry Larson via Zoom.

Jerry has a graduate background in Linguistics and Communicative Disorders, and is a veteran of the Human Potential Movement. He also began studying taiji in 1978, and has always returned to it. He has studied various styles, and is especially interested in the internal aspects of taiji and qigong.

Questions? Please email Linda: donlin@earthlink.net

Virtual (Online) Social Tennis

Donald Means’ Vision: “We will be the fittest seniors we know.”

All Year Round

Tuesdays | 10:30 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-Tennis-fall21

Meeting ID: 966 8239 1267 • Password: tennis

Instructor: Donald Means, OLLI Member

The game of tennis is lifetime sport. Now is the opportune time to join our virtual class. We are a group with many different attributes who enjoy a moderate level of physical activity. The tennis class has wonderful benefits, just to name a couple:

  • It's fun and the social interaction is great.
  • We participate in medium stretching and warm-up exercises.
  • Instructions are easy.
  • We gain knowledge of tennis rules and tennis etiquette.

We continue to learn the essentials of tennis beginning with the classic grip, forehand, backhand, serve, volley, top spin, drop shot and doubles play. To get started, have a tennis racket available, and wear comfortable clothing.

Living Well for Older Adults

September 9—October 14

Thursdays | 1:30 pm –3 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliolderadults-fall21

Meeting ID: 831 1339 9001

Facilitator: Eula Slater, a 10-year OLLI member and Registered Dietitian

This Fall 2021, we will continue our Great Courses streaming series on the science of gardening techniques and cooking basics with Chef Instructor Sean Kahlenberg of the Culinary Institute of America, which includes how to prep and cook vegetables, tips and tricks for creating roux, gravies and stews, understanding the importance of missing places and timing your dishes. Take control of your kitchen by knowing how to organize your tools for a variety of tasks.

Dental Health

September 15

Wednesday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollidental-fall21

Meeting ID: 897 7901 7396

Speaker: Sokee Yan, RDHAP

Preventive oral care is often overlooked. We go to the dentist when we are in pain, and when pain strikes, it may be the end of the tooth.

During the presentation, you will learn about the difference between seeing a dental hygienist versus a dentist, the importance of preventative care, and the link between your oral health and your overall health. No teeth? No problem! We will also go over good oral hygiene habits for dentures and partials!

Sokee Yan has more than 15 years of dental experience. As a mobile dental hygienist with a passion is to make a difference in the community, Sokee is able to provide education and oral hygiene dental care for the underserved population.

Mental Health & Happiness Series (Updated)

September 28, October 19; Cancelled: November 9

Tuesdays | 11 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollibchdseries-fall21

Meeting ID: 883 8934 1501

Speaker: Tiana Rideout-Rosales, Beach Cities Health District

Join Beach Cities Health District for the virtual Mental Health & Happiness Series. Learn how to boost your well-being through evidence-based practices to build resilience, feel more connected and be happier. Presented by Beach Cities Health District in partnership with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at California State University, Dominguez Hills. Learn more at https://bchd.org/series.

September 28 | Boost Empathy
During this workshop, participants will learn the key components of empathy, experience accessible communication tools to help improve their relationships and establish boundaries to avoid burnout.

October 19 | Reaffirm Purpose: Navigate transitions and focus on meaning
During this workshop, participants will learn the value of purpose in navigating life transitions by identifying positive support systems and focusing on meaningful actions.

November 9 | Maximize Gratitude: Express Appreciation and Savor Kindness
During this workshop, participants will understand how gratitude benefits well-being, create gratitude practice and learn how to savor kindness that they observe, receive and share with intention.

Please accept our sincere apologies! For the on-demand version of this same workshop and others, go to:

Maximize Gratitude: Express Appreciation and Savor Kindness  

After you complete the series we invite you to:  

Tiana Rideout-Rosales designs community education experiences that inspire social connection, foster personal well-being and boost resilience. Tiana has dedicated her career to inspiring and empowering people to discover their purpose and serve whole-heartedly.
Beach Cities Health District has served the communities of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach since 1955. It offers an extensive range of dynamic health and wellness programs, with innovative services, facilities and partnerships to promote physical health, mental well-being and prevent diseases across the lifespan – from pre-natal and children to families and older adults.

Alzheimer’s LA Sessions

September 28, October 26, November 16

Tuesdays | 1:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-alzhla-fall21

Meeting ID: 892 5808 9710

Organizer: Angelica Yeh and Yanet Alvarez-Carrillo

This presentation provides community education to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease and brain health.

September 28 | Keeping Your Brain Healthy
Did you know that your brain is an organ? Learn what research is showing we can do now to keep our memory strong as we age—including nutritional tips, how to keep active and ways to challenge your brain. This session includes several interactive brain games.

October 26 | Communication & Dementia—Connecting with a person with memory loss
Beginning with a basic understanding of Alzheimer’s disease and its effect, this program explores communication principles necessary to maintain meaningful connections. Using scenarios, this training offers tips and useful strategies to help with communication issues over the course of the disease.

November 16 | Behaviors & Alzheimer’s Disease—Are they doing that to annoy us?
A class for family members who are seeing changes in behaviors that are difficult to understand. Using the IDEA! strategy, this program aims to help individuals explore why behaviors happen, their meanings and practical tips to respond.

Medicare 101

• Thursday Morning Sessions | 10 am PT
September 2, October 7, November 4

• Thursday Evening Sessions | 6 pm PT
September 30, October 28, November 18, December 2

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollimedicare101-fall21

Meeting ID: 876 0937 0402

Speaker: Edward Allen, Independent Medicare Insurance Benefits Broker & Advocate

Are you turning 65 soon? Are you currently enrolled in or loosing your employee health insurance benefits? Have you received 24 months of collecting Disability Payments? What are your questions or concerns about Medicare A & B–Part C or Prescription Drug Benefits?

Topics include:

  • What is Medicare?
  • Medicare Parts A & Part B
  • 2020-2021 Part D Prescription Benefits Change
  • Enrollment Period
  • Late Enrollment Penalties
  • Advantages vs. Disadvantages?

Edward Allen is annually trained and certified in Medicare Requirements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Prescription Drug Plan benefits available in the Northern and Southern California regions. Since 2005, as an independent Medicare insurance broker, he has specialized in identifying and providing; value-added guidance, sustainable solutions and above and beyond support for his eligible Medicare & Medi-Cal share of cost clients.

Edward uses efficient consultation along with an effective educational approach to help Medicare eligible members gain a better understanding of the numerous options that are available.

Virtual Baking Workshop

October 20, November 17

Wednesdays | 1:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollibaking-fall21

Meeting ID: 817 2793 7054

Speaker: Heather Slater, Pastry Chef and Small Business Owner of Simply Sweets Desserts

Get Cooking! Join talented, accomplished Heather Slater in this exciting cooking class. This online class invites your participation to bake alongside Pastry Chef Heather Slater. Get personalized tips, share stories, and laughs as your chef observes you and cooks with you.
Heather’s mission is to provide an engaging, fun, easy cooking learning experience. How can you participate? It’s easy! All you need is a laptop or tablet with sound, a built-in camera, and high-speed internet. Don’t forget to check your email for the recipe.

Please register at least two weeks in advance to receive the recipe via email.

Preventing Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes & Alzheimer’s Disease

November 16, 23, 30

Tuesdays | 11 am—12:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliwendelcovalt-fall21

Meeting ID: 899 6684 4423

Speaker: Wendell Covalt, Certified Food Over Medicine Instructor, who has never taken a prescription drug and has no known medical issues.

Would you like to enjoy a healthy, long life, which sometimes seems elusive for people after they reach age fifty? The class Preventing Heart Disease, Preventing Cancer & Diabetes, Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease and Eating for Excellent Health may be your answer. These 90-minute classes will show you why heart disease, stroke, and cancer are the major causes of death in the United States with poor diet and lifestyle as primary factors.

November 16 | Prevent Heart Disease
Everyone in the USA would like to enjoy a long life of quality health but it is elusive for many people especially after they reach fifty years of age. Discover how present health statistics compare with people 100 years ago and with other countries.

November 23 | Preventing Cancer & Diabetes
Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the USA. It has been growing rapidly as the American diet has changed dramatically since mid-nineteen hundred. Find out what causes cancer, how we stack up in the USA versus other countries and how to prevent it.

November 30 | Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease & Eating for Excellence
This relatively new disease is one of the most burdensome because it can have a long debilitating length and until recently there has been no cure or effective solution to slow its development.

UCLA Community Health Education with Monica Moore

December 6, 13

Mondays | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliuclahealth-fall21

Meeting ID: 868 5979 5552

Speaker: Monica Moore, Community Health Program Manager
Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s Disease Research at UCLA

December 6 | Memory and Aging: What You Need to Know
Learn about the way the brain changes with age, what is normal, what is not, and what you can do about it. The latest research surrounding brain health will be discussed as well as practical tips to stay focused and mentally sharp

December 13 | Living a Brain Healthy Lifestyle
Did you know that what is good for the body is also good for the brain? This presentation will discuss the latest research on what you can to do to keep your brain healthy as you age and what we know about ways to reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Monica Moore, MSG is the Community Health Program Manager for the Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer’s and the Co-Director, Training and Education Activities, UCLA- California Alzheimer’s Disease Center. She has worked in the field of aging and Alzheimer’s disease for 20 years focusing on community education and outreach and caregiver support. She holds a Master’s Degree in Gerontology from California State University Long Beach and a certificate in Gerontology from Sonoma State University.

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 History and Social Science

Deep dive into all aspects of history with these fascinating lectures exploring American History.

9-11 + 20—Questioning the Official Story

September 9—October 14

Thursdays | 1 pm–3 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollijpowers-fall21

Meeting ID: 853 0160 8486

Speaker: John Powers, Writer and Director in Theater and Film

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the U.S. government, the media, and most national institutions quickly established the “official story” of what led to and occurred on that fateful day. At 20 years on, that story is virtually carved in stone. This is despite the questions and fact-based criticisms that many qualified skeptics raised soon after and through the succeeding decades. How can you doubt the official story? Why would you want to? Perhaps we should question because we are citizens of a democracy who have responsibilities as well as rights. What if the official story is less than honest? Through in-class viewing of an acclaimed documentary and discussion, you can confront these questions and consider whether they have merit. It will not change the outcome, but it may give you new insight. It will certainly give you an opportunity to flex your citizenship.

Students watch portions of documentaries that provide historical perspective and confront official misstatements and misrepresentations. Discussion follows.

  • Week 1 | Course overview; Official misstatements and misrepresentations
  • Week 2 | Airplanes
  • Week 3 | Events at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania
  • Week 4 | Events at the World Trade Center
  • Week 5 | Events at the World Trade Center
  • Week 6 | Events at the World Trade Center

Text/readings, if any, will be provided by the instructor.

John Powers, M.F.A., is a writer and director with experience in theater and film. Drawing on recent U.S. history as source material for a number of his productions, he has also developed this material into provocative classroom engagements, such as Nixon and the Pentagon Papers, 1968: The Year That Rocked, Pearl Harbor Reconsidered, and Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City. He has been an Osher instructor at various colleges and universities since 2013.

Genealogy: The US Census

September 15

Wednesday | 2 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholligenealogy-fall21

Meeting ID: 856 7949 0096

Speaker: Leslie Hackney, FamilySearch Center Director

Most genealogists eventually find that their ancestor’s record trail seems to have run out. What comes next? Whether you’re starting from scratch, or have been hunting for years, this series will present some new ideas on how to take the next step back into the past. See how easy it is, with the right tools, to find records, books and documents online to fill in the missing pieces.

The Ford Theatre Virtual Tour

October 11

Monday | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliMcDevitt-Fall21

Meeting ID: 854 5986 0519

Investigating the Lincoln Assassination with Detective McDevitt
Assist Detective James McDevitt as he investigates the assassination of President Lincoln. Revisit sites and reexamine clues from April 14, 1865.

In this interactive, theatrical program, participants will interact with historical characters portrayed by an actor, examine primary source images and hear witness statements. This session is 60-minutes long including time for Q&A. Appropriate for anyone who wants a theatrical experience, exploring specifically the assassination of President Lincoln and manhunt for John Wilkes Booth.

Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote

National Archives and Records Administration Presents
Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote

September 29

Wednesday | 12 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollinara-fall21

Meeting ID: 834 6209 2152

During this program participants explore the records of the National Archives that tell the story of how and why women fought for and against the right to vote, how they won the right to vote, and the challenges that persisted for women’s voting rights even after the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Come join us for an exciting discussion and share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

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 International Scholar Seminars/Osher Lecture Series

This year, we are partnering with the Office of international Education in organizing lectures and seminars that address some of the major events that have impacted our lives.

Why Do They Hate Us?

International Scholar Seminar Series Presents:
Why Do They Hate Us?

September 21, October 19, November 16, December 7

Tuesdays | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholli-scholarseminar-fall21

Meeting ID: 868 4165 2646

  • Extremism and Terrorism Post-9/11
  • President Biden’s Middle East Foreign Policy
  • Faith and Religious Extremism
  • The History of Native Americans and Their Struggle for Social Justice

Dr. Clarence Gus Martin is scheduled to speak on extremism and terrorism in commemoration of 9/11. Associate Dean of International Education, Dr. Hamoud Salhi will analyze President Joe Biden’s foreign policy towards the Middle East as a bridge between President Donald Trump’s and President Barak Obama’s policies. Other topics of this series include Cheryl McKnight's talk on faith and religious extremism, and the history of Native Americans and their struggle for social justice and end of discrimination of all of its form.

We look forward to seeing you at our lecture series!

  • September 21 | Speaker: Dr. Clarence “Gus” Martin
  • October 19 | Speaker: Dr. Sheela Pawar
  • November 16 | Speaker: Ms. Cheryl McKnight
  • December 7 | Speaker: TBA

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 Science & Technology

California Wildlife Center

October 5

Tuesday | 1:30 pm PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliwildlife-fall21

Meeting ID: 883 9501 5401

Speaker: Kristilee Kodis, Volunteer and Outreach Manager

During this outreach presentation we will get an in depth look into California Wildlife Center. As the Los Angeles area’s premier wildlife medical treatment and rehabilitation facility, California Wildlife Center strives to ensure that each patient receives optimal care, allowing them to return to their wild state. Since 1998, CWC has greatly expanded our capacity to treat more than 60,000 total animal patients, many whose injuries were caused by the impacts of their urbanized environments.

CWC is one of only a few wildlife rehabilitations centers in the area, and the only facility in Los Angeles County permitted to rehabilitate mule deer fawns, coyote pups, crows and ravens, and hatchling and fledgling songbirds. We are also the only wildlife center in California that cares for both land and marine animals. In this presentation will cover Marine Mammal, intensive care unit, or orphan care unit.

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 Special Events

New Members Orientation Meeting

September 14

Tuesday | 10 am PT (Virtual Tour of CSUDH 11:10 am—12:30 pm PT)

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudhollineworientation-fall21

Meeting ID: 825 8786 3684

Learn about the benefits of being a member of OLLI and explore the resources that our beloved CSUDH campus has available for you.

Join and participate in this engaging orientation and learn how/where to register for Fall online classes. 

  • Participate in virtual zoom discussion groups on a variety of topics each term
  • Enroll in special interest art, business and other online workshops designed for lifelong learners
  • Attend short courses and participate in virtual tours


  • 11 am—11:10 am: 10-minute intermission between
  • 11:10 am—12:30 pm: Virtual tour of CSUDH with Jennifer Wilkerson, CSUDH Outreach & School Relations

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 Virtual Docent Tours

On The Move Riders Program: Lecture and Virtual Tours

September 13, October 4, November 8

Mondays | 10 am PT

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/csudholliotmrp-fall21

Meeting ID: 818 5426 2818

Organizer: Brittany Mullins, LA Metro Community Relations Officer

September 13 | Mental Health: Hoarding

Presenter: Reyna Leyva, LA County Department of Mental Health
Learn to identify the differences between collecting, cluttering, and hoarding, and the need for treatment for those who might have a significant problem.

October 4 | Future of LAX

Presenter: Stephanie Sampson, Director of Communications for Los Angeles International Airport’s (LAX) Development Projects
As Los Angeles prepares to welcome the world in 2028 for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is in the midst of a $14.5 billion Capital Improvement Program focused on modernizing terminals and improving access to the third-busiest airport in the world. The centerpiece of the capital improvements is the $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program, which is highlighted by an Automated People Mover train system. This new train system will connect the busy Central Terminal Area to new off-site parking, pick-up/drop-off areas, a Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility and the long-awaited connection to regional transportation. Learn about the transformation underway as a reimagined LAX is on the horizon.

Stephanie Sampson oversees external communications and community outreach for the $14 billion Capital Improvement Program (CIP) at LAX. The CIP includes the $5.5 billion Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP), which features an Automated People Mover train system, Intermodal Transportation Facilities and a Consolidated Rent-A-Car facility. In this role, Stephanie manages the day-to-day communication efforts to ensure stakeholders and community members receive updates on the projects and impacts during construction. She also sits on the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and is LAX’s liaison to the Gateway Los Angeles Business Improvement District.

November 8 | Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project

Presenter: Annette Cortez, LA Metro Construction Relations Manager
Metro’s Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project will extend light rail transit service from the existing Metro E Line (Expo) at Crenshaw and Exposition Boulevards in Los Angeles, and merge with Metro C Line (Green) at the Aviation/LAX Station on Aviation Boulevard and Interstate 105 in the City of El Segundo. The line will travel 8.5 miles and serve the cities of Los Angeles, Inglewood and El Segundo. The project began construction in 2014 and anticipates completion in 2021. The Crenshaw/LAX Project is one of 12 transit projects funded by Measure R, the half-cent sales tax approved by Los Angeles County voters in 2008.


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