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Information for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff:

Find tips and general information to help you connect students to TLTC services and job opportunities. If you have questions, contact us at 310-243-3827 or

Suggestions to Connect Students to the Center:

  1. Add a notification in your syllabus or a posting on social media or Blackboard to inform students of services. Remember, you may also want to do one for the Writing Center as TLTC services are limited to content/course based tutoring. Feel free to modify, cut, and paste the following:
    • The Toro Learning and Testing Center (TLTC) offers free tutoring services to currently enrolled students. Tutoring in various subjects is available. Visit the center's website to schedule an appointment online or call 310-243-3827 for more information. Same day appointments can be made when tutors are available. Schedules and scheduling information can be found here: Plan to use TSC to schedule a session. Access TSC through the myCSUDH portal. Visit the TLTC website for additional information
  2. Let us know if you don't see a tutor for your specific class. We will be happy to collaborate with you to find a tutor or help recruit for one.
  3. Rest assured that students can also request for support for additional courses by going through the appointment scheduling process. 
  4. Request a TLTC representative to stop by your class, meeting, or training for a 5-10 minute overview of services. Use ToroLink to send your request:
  5. Add a center visit when we are back on campus or a virtual website visit. Consider adding us on a virtual scavenger hunt where students must find 2 facts about TLTC services by visiting the webpage and downloading a flyer.
  6. Download and distribute or post our General Academic Services Flyer.

Job Opportunities

The Toro Learning and Testing Center is always looking for

  • Tutors
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders
  • Student Support Leaders

By having students from your program also be part of the TLTC team, you are helping both your students expand their CSUDH network while helping your program have a familiar face to refer students to when you refer them to the TLTC. 

How to Help Encourage Your Students to Apply:

  1. Reach out to your students and give them the confidence and motivation to apply! If they are interested, use this blurb to send to those who are interested:
    • If you are interested in TLTC positions, visit the TLTC's Job Opportunities site. There you will find information about specific positions and requirements and links to apply through Handshake. If you have questions about the positions, reach out to the or call 310-243-3827.
  2. If you would like a 10-15 minute presentation on job opportunities, send your request here through ToroLink: